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5 articles avec toshiba laptop battery

Toshiba, MS pair DVD, Windows 98???

Microsoft (MSFT) and Toshiba are delivering the hardware and software technology necessary for using DVD players and discs on Windows 98, setting the stage for an expected mass movement to these next-generation storage devices. The DVD support is now...

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Toshiba laptop touts

Toshiba's 18.4-inch Qosmio G55 laptop uses a quad-core processor--but not the Intel or AMD variety. Toshiba SpursEngine processor is offered with the Qosmio G55 laptop (Credit: Toshiba) The "Quad-Core HD Processor" used in the Qosmio G55--due mid-July--is...

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Toshiba attacks U.S. market

Toshiba today launched a new line of consumer PCs, Toshiba Laptop Battery the first salvo in an attack that promises to escalate into a massive assault on other major U.S computer markets in the coming 12 months. Toshiba newspaper ads As previously reported...

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