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8 articles avec compaq laptop battery

Compaq's Stephen Decker

The following are excerpts of sworn testimony of Stephen Decker, director of software procurement at Compaq Computer, Compaq Laptop Battery in which he says Microsoft threatened to terminate the software vendor's license for Windows 95 unless it carried...

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Other price cuts included:

After announcing last week that it is having trouble meeting its first quarter sales goals, Compaq Laptop Battery Compaq Computer moved today to bring in new business by announcing price cuts, a slew of new business desktops, and a 120MB floppy drive....

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Compaq to unveil Net PCs

Compaq Computer (CPQ) has quietly begun shipping the first Net PC on the market and will officially announce it in the next two weeks, giving a shot in the arm to a technology that lately has taken some hits from detractors such as IBM, Compaq Laptop...

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Compaq has also worked with Softimage

Compaq's workstation prospects good Compaq Computer's (CPQ) new workstations built around Intel's Pentium Pro processor and Microsoft's Windows NT operating system should make the number-one PC vendor a significant player in the workstation market, according...

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