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As technology advances , the functions of notebook computers have become increasingly powerful, the price more attractive , more and more compact size . Ultra-thin notebook is its compact design, lightweight , portable features become consumers, especially the darling of white-collar family in mind . Ultra-thin notebook computers as easy to carry, feature not lost on desktop computers, office workers and students become technology pet . But the ultra-thin notebook computer prices are often higher. IBM ThinkPad X23 Battery, IBM ThinkPad X24 Battery,
Ultra-thin notebooks Examples


ASUSS1 series of ultra-thin notebooks , using magnesium alloy chassis designed to supportIEEE1394Transmission andIEEE 802.11bWireless network upgrades , and in thickness 2.1cm, weight 1.9kg for the 14-inch screen called the most lightweight of the notebook computer.

S1 series with Pentium III-M processor , the maximum support to the P-III 1.33GHz or above . UseIntel830M integrated chipset , up to 32MB of shared memory to use , built-in three USB interface, support for IEEE 1394 transmission interface, random with the Ai-Box multi- module swap tray , hot-swappable DVD, CD-RW or DVD + CD-RW, second hard drive . In addition to built-in 10/100Mb LAN and 56K Modem models , in the future will also introduce built-in IEEE 802.11b wireless network models .[1 ]

DellLatitude X1 with the latest Intel 915GMS chipset and processor , the latest office software for multi- window view of the widening of the screen , through a set of strict quality and reliability DELL test , sufficient to deal with a variety of road test . The computer is equipped with 12.1-inch widescreen , the starting weight of only 1.14kg, the thickness of only 25mm. For example, liquid crystal display on the back after the reinforcement , to withstand placed in the seat or salute the large parcel shelves pressure . In addition, the keyboard has been sealed, and can effectively prevent liquid splashing into . According to Wang , Latitude X1 is also equipped with ultra- small power adapter , power adapter reduced the volume ratio of Latitude 50% , abnormal easy carrying .[2 ]

SamsungAdjourned its X Series " portable business " of design elements , introduced its image of a briefcase designed with high-end business laptop - Samsung X22.

In product design style continues Samsung X series style, they stand in the overall design concept of convergence , are silver and black two- tone with a magnesium alloy body cap . Another cover with dark black matte material , feel good . Samsung X22 configuration using Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 processor, clocked at 2.0GHz, Intel PM965 chipset , 1GB DDR2 memory , 120GB hard drive , ATi Mobility Radeon HD 2400 128MB graphics card , DVDRW burner , 14.1-inch bright widescreen , four -cell battery , Bluetooth module , the whole weight About 2.18 kg , pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition operating system.

Port areas: 3 USB 2.0 ports, an IEEE 1394 port , PCI Express Card slot , HDMI interface, multi- card reader, network card and modem jacks , headphone and microphone jack , VGA port , S terminal and so on .[3 ]

Hewlett-PackardSeptember 15, 2009 , released two performance and portability of both the 13.3-inch ultra-thin notebooks , ProBook 5310m was unofficially consideredIn the history of the thinnest full- function notebook PCIts 0.93 inches thick ( the thinnest Apple 0.94 inches) tall and proud and 3.8 pounds , is no drive through the aluminum casing and design implementation . Optional 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo 1.2GHz processor or Celeron CULV version of dual-core processors , the use of Celeron processor are the 4 -cell battery can provide up to 7 hours battery life time . Matching Celeron processor is priced at 699 U.S. dollars ProBook 5310m , if you chooseCore2 899 U.S. dollars to spend . In contrast , Pavilion dm3 in order to reach the ultimate in portability , only Intel processors and Athlon Neo X2 CULV two options . Graphics cards can choose to ATI (AMD) or NVIDIA graphics card independent , if the user chooses to AMD 's CPU and graphics card can achieve independence and dynamic switching between integrated graphics in order to save battery power . It is slightly thicker than ProBook 5310m , but the gap is less than an inch , which weighs 4.2 pounds .

Pavilion dm3 detailed specification has not been announced , but the price is 549 U.S. dollars (AMD version ) and 649 U.S. dollars ( Intel version ) . Both pre-installed will be Windows 7, and on October 22 along with Windows 7 on sale IBM ThinkPad X30 Battery, IBM ThinkPad X31 Battery,

Ultra-thin notebook computers to replace the functions of the Internet of the lack of

July 2009 Intel CEO Paul Otellini said, " ultra-thin laptop "(ultra-thins) to give users low-costNetbook(Netbook) The lack of functionality. Intel constantly promote the idea again and again on various occasions , attempt to boost profits better than the thin line of the notebook .

Ultra-thin notebook is also a low-cost laptop , but usually have 13 -inch screen , Intel Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) chip ; cheap online version of this 11 -inch screen, usually less , with the Intel price lower , performance is also lowerAtomProcessor .

Several executives have echoed the statement of Intel , Otellini said in reply to an analyst question , ultra-thin notebooks to make up for the shortcomings of the Internet . Users to play online the top3DGame, or trying to implement the Office application , you will find a fairly slow speed of execution , but not just the processor , but the whole structure.

If the want is a thin and light notebook PCs , they do not want to select only the Internet in this case, might choose a more functional , but cheap laptop prices .

Low consumer awareness of this deep-rooted Internet , combined with ultra-thin notebooks higher prices , such as Acer Aspire TimelineSell 699 U.S. dollars a make ultra-thin notebooks of unknown position in the market .

Gamers PC maker Falcon Northwest CEO Kelt Reeves said: "When first introduced ultra-thin computer , many people glance at said: ' Oh, this is a netbook . ' No, it is only in the size close to the Internet This , however, much stronger functionality . "

Investment bank Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar said , Windows 7 probably will not help consumers distinguish the differences , because the "Windows 7 even in a 199 U.S. dollars in the Internet the last , also operating very well . "Kumar believes that Intel To access this guide is consumer awareness and the ultra-thin notebook , I am afraid not easy.

Otellini reviving the so-called swallow effect (cannibalization) - means the Internet may erode the mainstream notebook market share . The Intel CEO and predicted that the Internet this may become increasingly popular wireless Wang3GInternet access , bundled together with the telecommunications service contracts . He believes that this could account for their performance in a large part of the 2010 .[5 ]

Ultra-thin notebook PC market forecast

According to Taiwan's Digitimes Research , said market research firm , expects 2009 global shipments of ultra-thin notebook is only 600 million units , accounting for the global notebook PC shipments by 4% .

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Digitimes Research senior analyst Joanne Chien said that while the ultra-thin notebook computersBatteryLong service life , and has more low profile , but their prices will weaken with the Internet and some of the primary entry in this traditional competition between notebook computers .

Joanne Chien表示, on price and performance ratio , the ultra-thin notebooks, components of the price, higher than most standard parts , Danshitamen of Gongzuo performance has slightly better than netbooks .

Because Europe and North America on the ultra-thin notebook computers continued weakness in demand , so even if HP (HP) and Dell in the fourth quarter of their ultra-slim computer, ultra-thin notebook computer shipments market is not likely to be significantly improved.[6 ]

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