The PowerShot SD3500 is packed with 14.1 megapixels

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Surfing the infinite array of cameras trying to decide which one is you can sometimes be a lie. However, if you already sure you want a Canon, this review can make your life easier.

The PowerShot SD3500 is packed with 14.1 megapixels,Hp laptop battery the highest offerCanon Digital CameraPoint and shoot in the U.S. market. But its distinctive feature is its touch screen.

Canon, for those who successfully produced for its smooth touch smart phone camera, complete response.

As mentioned in the film, 17 shooting modes,(compaq r3000 battery), HP Presario X6000 Battery, HP Pavilion ZV5000 Battery but there are a few points from the package:

Smart Shutter technology: This allows you to take pictures, it was blink or smile, or when the camera detects the face. My question is to discover the function of the camera photographs taken when no one laughed. It also spent a lot of time mastering the blink of people. So, if you want to use their photos blinking, make sure not to do this the camera in front of people - or they may think thatCasio Digital CameraThrough some medical problems. The perfect face detection work.

Fisheye Effect: Features my favorite one. I do not have this feature the camera. Have this effect, (compaq r3000 battery), I want to take the image and post-production in Photoshop it. With the SD3500, you have to do is choose whether to "eye" effect in small, medium or large and photographed.

Touch Auto Focus: on the touch screen, this camera lets you concentrate on your subject by tapping the screen (not mentioned in the video). Now, the camera will attempt to auto-complete, when you press the shutter button half, but the option toCanon SLR camerasPrecise control of the object you want to focus.

Light Features: (not mentioned in the video). I do not care about it, because it bumps the ISO speed very high, in the noisy images produced. It also slow down the shutter speed, to give it a lower F - stop. In addition, the picture is taken to 3.5 megapixels. However, in theory, you can do this program mode, if you are familiar with the camera is not enough.

Continuous shooting mode: 14.1 megapixels in a very slow continuous mode results. Culprit: the image size. As the image is so big, it takes a long time recording to SD card. Even if you are shooting outside, it is still very slow. Solution: reduce the size of the image. But does not say that there are 14.1 members of Congress to defeat the purpose? Yes. I do not like walking in the smaller size image. It is easier to crop pictures is small, to take high quality. When the images included in a smaller size, you sacrifice image quality and might be blowing up trouble. It can be done, but it is much more difficult.

Overall, the Canon PowerShot SD 3500 is a terrific camera, but be sure to read the manual. ThatCanon ixus130Camera for you when you switch functions, to help resolve your view they are more quick tips, but the manual to more in depth.

It is easy to get confused with so many features.HP Presario X6000 Battery, I suggest you go to a nasty tendency to healthy people can browse function.

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