SONY Development in East Asia

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Taiwan, Hong Kong

1967, Taiwan's Sampo (SAMPO) electric company agents, the establishment of Sony Taiwan Ltd. (Sony Industries Taiwan Co., Limited) Fujitsu Laptop Battery

April 2000 Sony headquarters in Japan to recover the agency, and the reorganization of the establishment of the Taiwan International for Sony Sony 's legal representative in Taiwan , Sampo right out of business , integrating all SONY -Taiwan relations in the enterprise resources , and independence of Sony consumer electronics sector Sony Corporation .

In April 2001 in Taipei Hsimenting Sony Sony Sony Digital Square foot area set up the first direct sales stores .

April 2001 Japan So-net Taiwan in Taiwan to set up Sony Communication Network (So-net Taiwan).

January 2002 Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, released PS2 sales in Taiwan

December 2002 Sony Sony released cooperation with Taiwan, the establishment of Sony Communication Network Dreamix direct sales stores

December 2002 Sony released Sony Clié sales in Taiwan

April 2003 Sony released the Sony VAIO sales in Taiwan

April 7th, 2004 established Sony Sony Sony Style Taipei , Taipei 101, the second direct sales stores .

April 2004 held the first "SonyFair 04 Video Festival "

June 2004 published in Taiwan Sony Communication Network ADSL subscribers grew to become Taiwan's third-largest Internet service provider

July 2004 SOE and GAMANIA U.S. joint venture , set up in Taiwan, the Taiwan Office of the SOE .

October 2004 release Dreamix Taiwan Sony Communication Network Direct system renamed So-net Plaza transition compound concept store

December 2004 Takeshi Kaneshiro Sony Sony released by the artist speak for the whole Taiwan VAIO notebook series

April 2005 Sony Sony Sony released and returned to Taiwan to become its international headquarters of consumer electronics marketing

Held in April 2005 "SonyFair 2005 Video Festival "

May 2005 Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, released PSP sales in Taiwan

August 23, 2005 President Kunitake Ando received the Meritorious Executive Yuan, Taiwan 's second medal , in recognition of his tenure in the president 's friendship with Taiwan's economic contribution

December 2005 LocationFree Media Transmission Technology in Taiwan on-line

January 1, 2006 - sponsored by Taiwan's Taipei 101 New Year's Eve countdown ,

Pioneering work on board the world's tallest building Fujitsu FPCBP80 Battery, Fujitsu FPCBP77 Battery,

Held in April 2006 to expand "SonyFair @ Taiwan 2006 Video Festival "and" Biao Sony Art Stars Concert "

November 1, 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, released PS3 Taiwan, Hong Kong on November 17, 2006 with the U.S. market at the same

November 17, 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, Taipei, Taiwan Hsimenting "Sony Digital Square" will be held on the first sale , the first batch of 300 sold out

Sony Taiwan Limted - Sony Taiwan International Co., Ltd.

SEMT / Sony Electronics Markting Taiwan Sony Corporation Sony Corporation ( Sony Taiwan has been changed to the International Consumer Electronics Marketing Headquarters)

So-net Taiwan / Sony Network Taiwan Limted - Sony Communication Network Co., Ltd. Taiwan

SCEH / Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Taipei Branch- Hong Kong business [ Sony Computer Entertainment Co., Ltd. Taipei Branch

SonyEricsson Mobile Communications AB - Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Business , Sweden , Taiwan Branch

SonyBMG - Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inc.

AXN-TAIWAN ONE, LLC - American Super Yue Co., Ltd.

SOE / Sony Online - American online gaming in Asia Co., Ltd. Sony

Sony Music Publishing- Singapore cable providers new international copyright Co., Ltd.

Chinese mainland

1978, 1978, to carry out business in China , worked in Beijing (1980 ), Shanghai ( 1985) , Guangzhou (1994) and Chengdu (1995 ) have set up a representative office.

1982 authorized the production in Beijing and Shanghai, the professional video tape recorders .

In the mid 80 's OEM factories in Xiamen and Jiangxi Province started production of TV sets .

September 1993 a joint venture with Shanghai SVA Co., Ltd. " on Soughing Electronics Co., Ltd. "(Sony funding 70%). Begin operations in February 1994 . Production and sales of camera (Hi8, D8, DV), optical pickup , 8 mm camera parts .

October 1995

Sony and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Technology Development Co. / Beijing Beijing Electronic Information Industry Co., Chicago / Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Development Corporation, a joint venture between three companies , " Beijing BSE Co., Ltd. " , and was to start operations in November 1997 . Mainly engaged in mobile phones, tape recorders and cameras for professional use DVCAM format, the production and marketing.

November 1995 Sony Precision Parts (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. was established . Begin operations in January 1996 . Mainly engaged in the optical pickup head of production and sales.

In December 1995 with Shanghai SVA Group and Shanghai Vacuum Electronic Co., Ltd. joint venture " on the THP Image Co., Ltd. "(Sony 70 % stake ) . Begin operations in December 1996 . Mainly engaged in flat Trinitron WEGA TV , projection TV production and sales. Sony Pictures Entertainment Company Beijing Representative Office .

October 1996 regional management company owned " Sony (China ) Co., Ltd. "was established. Fujitsu FPCBP68 Battery, Fujitsu FPCBP63 Battery,

August 2000

Sony Electronics ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd. was established . Products including lithium ion polymer batteries .

October 2000 Youth Experiencing Science and Technology MuseumSony ExploraScienceOpened in Beijing .

2001 Sony Music Entertainment (International ) and the Shanghai Concord Group, a joint venture investment in Shanghai Jin Wen set up the " Shanghai New Cable Music Co. , "and began operating in early 2002 .

October 2001 EMCS China was founded .

August 2002 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (China ) Co., Ltd. was established .

EMCS as part of China, the software engineering research and development center in Shanghai , the main design for the Chinese market products AV software .

In November 2002 as the Sony (China) , a body unit , Sony Information System Solutions ( Asia Pacific) center set up in Dalian . Sony International Procurement Centre was established in Shenzhen , the main business is in Japan for the procurement of spare parts EMCS .

2003, Sony Electronics ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd. The second plant started production for the Chinese market, AV / IT products .

June 2003 Sony (China ) Co., Ltd. Chengdu, capital injectionSobeyDigital Technology Co., Ltd. . Chengdu Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is China 's largest professional TV multimedia device manufacturers.

April 2004 Sony Electronics South China Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006 began operating , production DVD player.

June 2004 the company moved to Shanghai Xintiandi office .

Shanghai Technical Center was established in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park , Pudong New Area . Existing software development center moved to a new site , extended to an area of 3,400 square meters . In addition to software development in addition , AV / IT hardware and part design , part of the quality control and other related functions of the 11 R & D establishment .

Sony Pictures Television International Corporation and the China Film Group Hualong Film Digital Production Co., Ltd., jointly established China's first American film and television production joint venture - China Cable Television Digital Production Co., Ltd. .

2005, Group Executive Vice President of Sony , Mr. Gao Xiao Jingxiong became Sony's chief representative in China .

In February 2005 the establishment of Sony China Design Engineering Group , Mr. Gao Xiao Jingxiong president of the institution to September .

August 2005 "Creative Center ( creation center ) " in Shanghai. As one of Sony's global creative source , the Shanghai center will be created according to the Chinese consumer demand , preferences and lifestyle, tailored types of new products .

December 2005 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. M & E Co., Ltd. Beijing BSE .

In January 2006 of the original Sony Electronics ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd. changed the second workshop in Wuxi Co., Ltd. Sony digital products .

March 2006 , Mr. Gao Xiao Jingxiong formally became Sony (China) Company Limited.

In October 2006 Sony explore dreams and re- opening of the new location ( new location in Beijing's Chaoyang Park)

January 2007 formally served as Nagata clear Akashi Sony ( China) Limited. Sony TX7C Fujitsu FPCBP95 Battery

A few months ago , Sony launched TX1 sought after by others , " panoramic scan mode " in just a few months TX7C the question the city has brought its upgraded version of "intelligent panorama scan mode . " It can recognize human faces appear in the lens and moving objects , and optimized. Even if there is movement in the panoramic scanning objects will not appear after scanning the whole image with superimposing the situation . Panoramic photo automatically after bonding smooth vivid , very shocking .

HX1 from Sony 's digital cameras began with Exmor R CMOS image sensors offer excellent performance , can be easily panoramic photography . Users only need to scan the panorama mode in the desired direction of scan camera, the camera will shoot continuously at high speed , and then bonding the film to form the single frame image panoramic image . When the T series digital camera to join the panorama mode scanning , the card -like portable machine , without a direct shot later , Sony virtually created the ordinary people can take " panoramic photo of " the new era. About Sony China Ltd.

Sony (China ) Co., Ltd.In October 1996 in Beijing , is the Sony Group, Sony of unified management and coordination of operational activities in China, a wholly owned subsidiary .

As a regional headquarters in China , which in China 's investment in electronic information industry , product marketing, customer service liaison , and针对Sony of individual subsidiary companies in China, the overall management and extensive business support , to promote the Sony in the Chinese market The continuous development of business .

Sony products sold in China , including flat Trinitron color TV , rear projection / plasma / LCD TVDigital Cameras,Notebook, Home video player combination ,Home TheaterSystems , DVD players, dataProjector, Memory StickMemory stick, polymer lithium-ion batteries . Sony 's electronics business scale in China to have reached 50 billion U.S. dollars, total investment has more than 800 million U.S. dollars , including six factories , including Sony in China, a total of approximately 10,000 employees .

Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei, the Group has Sony 's worldwide commitment to the Board of Directors : the fast-growing Chinese market as a top priority for future development , Sony hopes to become the East Asian business region in China 's growth engine . To this end , Sony for its electronic products in China set the ambitious goal: by 2005 sales in China is 5 times 02 ; to 2008, will aim to double in 2005 , surpassing Japan As Sony 's second largest market after the United States .

Sony (China ) Co., Ltd. expanding investment in China , Sony now total investment in China has more than 800 million U.S. dollars , This is the total investment in 2001 more than 500 million U.S. dollars increased investment after the latest data . Sony 's investment in China and localized development of high-growth trend will continue . Toshiba Laptop Battery

Be located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, the National Hi-Tech Industrial Development ZoneSony Electronics ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd., as Sony 's important production base in China , has the initial investment of 2,300 million and gradually increase to nearly 100 million U.S. dollars , as Sony to accelerate the development of important local business birthplace . Shanghai Soughing Sony Electronics Co., Ltd. is established in China, the first joint venture , has been highly recognized by the Government is good business . Since 2003, the cable wide electronic gradually put into as many as dozens ofDigital Camera, Digital cameras, new and next-generation high-capacity Memory Stick Pro Memory Stick and other new products , of which the output of digital cameras in fiscal 2003 is expected to reach 10 times last year . The establishment of the Sony precision parts in Guangdong ( Huizhou ) Co., Ltd. In recent years, its total investment will be from 1,624 million U.S. dollars to establish the beginning of the gradually increased to 5,500 million dollars , has become the world's largest production base of optical . Sony's product quality

October 2005 , Sony CCD image sensor provides quality defects lead to seven Japanese digital camera makers quality problems , the need for 100 types of products Sony offers free repairs , and the collective claims were co- makers . Year in December , six models of Sony digital cameras due to quality problems , Zhejiang Province, the Bureau was ordered to stop selling and to initiate an investigation . Sony has released three times on the camera quality statement , though gently publicly acknowledged the fact that the product failed to apologize to Chinese consumers , but not affect the consumer 's health as an excuse to recall the problem of digital camera , only said , "If Users want to return , Sony (China ) will also be given to handle . "

In 2006, Sony continued the cycle of deep problems in product quality , so Sony was shocked the industry badly weakened " laptop battery " recall of events, issues a direct result of Sony batteries 2006/2007 fiscal year profit forecast by 62%. Sony 's failures spread to other products , Sony has been so proud , so users were charmed by the PS game console products have emerged a clear mistake. Soon after the PS3 release , players have found their compatibility problems - not all PS and PS2 games will run properly on PS3 . Although the Sony software upgrades to remedy through , but be sure , Sony PS2 era resources and accumulated a lot of games can not be completely digested PS3 platform , which will undoubtedly play PS3 's market appeal of a discount .

Sony quality in 2008 mainly in notebook products. IBM Laptop Battery

Sony FZ35 notebook computer motherboard design flaw has been explosive . They stated that , because the purchase of the laptop still under warranty , Sony's maintenance department for their free replacement of the machine or motherboard , but Sony has denied this notebook design flaws .

Sony since January 2008 after the production of the CR series notebook accused appeared short-lived phenomenon , which was once occupied by the Sony laptop 's " sales champion " of the notebook series , almost all in the consumer purchase after a week was found to have problems .

Quality problems in 2009 related to product line expansion .

First endless TV problem . Early Sony LCD rear projection TV KF-E42A10 TV , etc. 5 issues of a software problem , Sony has taken the form site service free of charge for users to upgrade TV software , but does not provide any compensation. March 2009 , Zhengzhou public Akashi has spent 18,000 yuan to buy a Sony TV , " TV did not expect the cost of repairs necessary to nearly 1.5 million, and buy a new TV about . " Nanchang public Mr. Wan on January 15 Spent 10,008 thousand dollars stacked high in the mountain community shopping center in Nanchang SONY counter buy a SONY52 inch LCD . But the good time to buy a new TV out not only quality , after-sales service attitude of staff to whom he is angry . In many companies with the sale and the case of fruitless negotiations , Mr. Left with no complaints from the Man .

Then there are camera problems . August 20 , Sony China branch in its official website released a product to notify consumers said it would replace free of charge since April 2008 from sales of Cyber-shot DSC-W170 digital camera case parts . 8 At the end of 315 consumer complaints have received a national network of more than the Sony T20 digital camera 's complaint , " boot inexplicable jitter " into complaints keywords . Shenzhen Luo



Sony Digital Camera

Students on their own problems by buying a Sony camera FX1000E Rights triggered the process of deep feeling , "Sony has always stall and evade the consumer , communication, feedback responses in addition to any other , as if nothing out , Sony 's step by step each shirk Of all test consumer complaints ' hide and seek 'and' delaying tactics ' seems to be their approach . footballs gone nearly five months later , the original of the consumer has been the immediate pleasure The machine feels like chicken ribs replaced . enterprises in service of silence , or evade the consequences of discontent is not what day the user as ' volcano eruption ' , that is so desperate and frustrated business users . no matter which Kind of results that are not Sony would like to see . "

Laptop problems burst out. Second half of 2009 a few months , Sony has received 209 complaints related to computer abnormal heat , of which 83 cases in Japan , 126 abroad , mainly in computer design defects , will cause the computer to overheat and short circuit , for which Japan Sony on September 4, 2008 announced the recall of hundreds of thousands of VAIO TZ series notebook computers, however , Sony users in China in dealing with complaints , it seems lackluster . Dozens of Sony Computer Sony Notebook computer users reflect the large built-in fan noise , the computer screen to a " water wave "phenomenon has seriously affected the normal use . While Sony (China ) Ltd. to reflect the situation in a timely manner for the user issued a extended warranty and the interpretation of such measures, but the user is not authorized , a stalemate to January 17, 2010 , Sony China announced : October 2008 listed VGN-CS1 Series, in February 2009 listed CS2 series , in May 2009 listed some of CS3 series VAIO notebooks in use for some time, likely LCD LCD screen appears a horizontal line , the company decided in the original warranty period of two years on the basis of Extend the 1 year warranty , that is, the user purchase products from the 3 years since implementation of the free repair service . And has purchased 3 years extended warranty service, not within the scope of the policy .

Entered in 2010 , complaints against the Sony products into high -fat period . Not long ago , People by 3000 consumers online and offline analysis of the survey found , with 23 % of Sony's brand ownership occupy second place , while Sony 's complaint ratio is proportional with the brand owners . The People's Network in the survey, consumer complaints focused on service on . The Sony digital camera , reflecting the relatively large number of issues : door repair is not timely , the maintenance level is not high , less than the maintenance point of contact . IBM ThinkPad T40 Battery, IBM ThinkPad T41 Battery,

Consumer rights protection in the 315 line , Sony also showed a significant complaints in recent years, the rising trend , only from 1 to 15 this month, half a month , 315 consumer complaints in a web site, there are 64 on Sony complaints. Sony Digital Imaging Classroom

For the Chinese market , Sony launched a series of marketing activities , which the Sony digital video class is particularly prominent. Sony in the country's eight main cities of large and medium to free photography seminars , new uses , outdoor photo experience and other pertinent customer experience activities. Sony said it would continue to carry out the campaign to raise consumer awareness of digital imaging products and the use of .

The ongoing Sony Digital Imaging class cities : Chengdu, Xian , Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou , Wuhan , Nanjing, Hangzhou .

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