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Sony Corporation , referred to as Sony , Tokyo, Japan for the corporate headquarters across the digital , household items , entertainment, a world giant , its predecessor is " Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. . " Founded in May 1946 , specializes in public relations wrist Akio Morita and has R & D background, co-founder Masaru Ibuka , the current management team by the media and entertainment origin and has R & D Howard Stringer Ryoji Chubachi qualifications joint leadership .Acer TravelMate 220 Battery, Acer BTP-58A1 Battery,

East Link Engineering Times

In 1945, Japan after World War II , the capital of Tokyo in ruins. Masaru Ibuka Nihonbashi district of Tokyo department store warehouse set up the " Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute . " Masaru Ibuka Akio Morita in the invitation to join co- operation, the company and received 190,000 yen Morita wine capital, established in 1946 , " Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. " , and moved to the current Imperial Palace Hill Shinagawa area . Masaru Ibuka in their companies "set up the book wishes " were expected "to give full play to hard-working serious technical skills , to build a free open-minded , relaxed and happy the ideal factory " , expected to be the "Engineer 's Paradise "

Stable growth in the early days of operation can not until 10 years later in 1956 had not favored the development of transistor technology , developed the world's first transistor radio "TR-55" were successful, the company was finally getting better business .

Trinitron technology

In the 1950s, black and white TV While Sony sold , but its technological competitiveness , are not dominant , followed by the manufacture of color television on the quality of production yield is also less than ideal , resulting in huge losses or even the company has reached the brink of collapse . In 1967, Sony released by Masaru Ibuka personally join the development Trinitron (Trinitron) CRT technology, the technology allows Sony TV in the global hot , Akio Morita from Japan Development Bank to borrow huge amounts of development are 3 years to pay off the debt . Acer BTP-43D1 Battery,


In 1970, Sony and JVC, Panasonic jointly issued a "U-Matic" tape recording system , a formal specification for the future of video competition will kick off April 16, 1975 , Sony released the world's first market for the livelihood of the people with the Betamax Specification of the SL-300, and Sony in one fell swoop to the world of consumer electronics image maker , and Japan in September 1976 JVC introduced the VHS standard , while Matsushita has decided to join the VHS camp . Betamax and VHS video record in the competition , because VHS against Betamax biggest weakness ( recording time for only 1 hour) for improvement , and reluctant to open the Sony Betamax standard authorization , VHS to Betamax three times the speed of rapid expansion of the market . Sony adhere to the Betamax against VHS specifications by the whole world alliance , the specifications of the last 14 years leading the fight in 1988, Sony has finally joined the VHS camp resolutely , Betamax out of the market and the end of the round . Purely technical perspective , Bate format far better than VHS format, but Panasonic 's authorized to operate through flexible access to the support of many manufacturers , which command the civilian market . Betamax format with technical superiority into the professional field as a professional broadcast-quality video in the field of the dominant standard , and now many broadcast video standards are based on the starting point .

Rage Walkman -WALKMAN

March 1979 , at the request of Masaru Ibuka , audio sector to press a small tape recorder with a "news person "(Pressman) changes into a smaller tape recorder , having received many compliments after good sound quality evaluation , in Akio Morita Led , Sony began in July 1979 , Sony PCG-Z505 Battery launched the Walkman ( player ), Akio Morita, the Walkman in the youth market positioning , and stressed the vitality and youth fashion and culture to create a headset , in February 1980 started in the world Started selling , and in November 1980 began to use the global unity of "Walkman" This is not standard English, Japanese brand , up to 1998 , "Walkman" has been a breakthrough 200 million in global sales of 50 million units . Akio Morita closures in the United Kingdom in October 1992 Sir , the British media, the title is: < up , Sony Walkman , Sir . >

Acquisition of Columbia Pictures

Sony Betamax and VHS video record of the competition after defeat , Morita think it is necessary to the most high-end hardware and the content of the first side combination of control of the market . September 25, 1989 , under the auspices of the Akio Morita , Sony gradually acquired CBS ( owned Torch Goddess and symbol of the Columbia TriStar Unicorn production ) movie and music departments , making it the SPE ( Sony Pictures Entertainment , Sony Picture Entertainment) of its subsidiary . Against the background at that time , Japan's economy grew rapidly, and laid the world's second largest economy status , while the U.S. economy is a downturn in the general malaise ; Japan defeated the United States since World War II , many Japanese Enterprises to national pride , madness acquired U.S. businesses, and public U.S. companies are unable to fight back . Among them, Japan's Mitsubishi group to buy the landmark Rockefeller Building in New York and to 6 billion U.S. dollars Sony Sony bought Columbia TriStar Pictures astronomical , setting a time of one of Japan's largest overseas takeover by the Americans as the Japanese invasion of the United States . However, this is the maximum amount of Japanese history Chun 's acquisition also became the highest amount of Japanese history, loss of business . In the late 1980s bubble economy in Japan began to break out of the crisis , while the Sony group of film industry because of poor box office , while the miserable pay from a few years , Sony became the main obstacle to profitability . Until 1997, Howard Stringer led reform , and gradually gain , and in 2001 film Howard Stringer led a long history of the MGM film acquisitions company , the world 's largest film production companies .

Unprecedented success of PlayStation Sony PCG-V505 Battery,

As the red and white produced by Nintendo Nintendo console 's success , prompted Sony and Nintendo in 1988, announced the co- development of the Super Nintendo console with a CD-ROM . In May 1992 in Nintendo 's betrayal under the cooperation collapsed , Kutaragi health to that of the highest operating decision maker Norio Ohga every effort to secure a new generation game console program , Norio Ohga in numerous opposition , the strength to Kutaragi health of the game Development plan endorsed in 1993 , Sony 's "Japanese Sony Music "set up Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), and plans to develop a new generation , code-named <PS-X> CD-ROM game console , full confrontation dominated the game market, Nintendo . December 3, 1994 , SCE released PlayStation (PS), 2000年3月4 launch PlayStation 2 (PS2), 2004年12 12, launched PlayStation Portable (PSP). As of June 30, 2005 only , sold 3.15 million units up to 200 million , become the Walkman , the world's most successful products.

November 11, 2006 launch of PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Digital , dreams, children

In the Chin Norio Ohga set , jumped over 14 senior directors and supervisors and senior veterans , Sony in March 22, 1995 announcement by the unknownNobuyuki IdeiAs president , sparking a media reporter , " Who is the well ? " questions , April 1, 1995 office , they opened a 10-year Nobuyuki Idei, the digital dream of the times . Since 1995 as , in the company De internal reform in , stretch out well and Introduction of the American board of directors model of the original internal board Chengyuantaifu cut , and Tigao outside directors . In the company's positioning and business philosophy , we propose a "digital , dreams , children "," Do you dream in Sony "," ubiquitous value network "... and so on Sony's new vision , Idei said Sony sells personal Experience, our reason for existence is to create people's desire to provide a dream .

His conclusion : Sony sells personal experience , movies , VAIO, PlayStation, Walkman and so on . They are not essential for sustaining human life , our existence of Li You desire to create Renmen , the Sheng Huo Jin Ru them , to provide a dream , in order to achieve this goal , we are full of curiosity and joy De Bao Chi 's innocent heart , to give people a kind of like Children as carefree and happy life . "

" If you do not develop a new business model , Sony will become the network operator to parts suppliers . The new Sony product should be the entertainment , electronics, and emotional integration. "

Electronic , games , entertainment , finance four major areas, into the digital and network . 1996, Hou Suoni launched the CyberShot digital cameras , VAIO notebook computers , Clie PDA ( personal digital assistant) ... and other digital products , and the market was a huge success . A poor yield in the original film industry group , Howard Stringer who got the media , operating under its reform and getting better , then launched the " Spider-Man , "" Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "... and other popular films, entertainment Sony group to become a major profit source . In the April 2001 financial report released in 2000 , Sony PlayStation 2 rely on the hot , it was the highest since the establishment of profit 2.5 billion. Sony VGP-BPS10 Battery, Sony PCG-R505 Battery,

Like a meteorite crashed into the crisis - Sony shock (Sony Shock)

Defeated rival Nintendo PlayStation console , forced to leave the SEGA, a leading traditional camera brand digital cameras , video receiver chip exclusive City , VAIO series personal computer hot . However, since the global recession of 2001 , the network bubble ; PlayStation in 1994, has been published for 10 years after development has not published the original product ; itself in the electronic field as WalkMan does not support the MP3 format, which Apple Computer 's iPod digital music player in the Global Hot , replacing the WalkMan original position; have pride Trinitron (Trinitron) technology development WEGA HD video technology alone misjudged the development of LCD TVs , LCD technology has made zh-tw: Sharp ; zh-hk: Sound Po (Sharp), Samsung (Samsung) to obtain TV images of leadership ... a series of decision-making errors and to suppress the price of electronic products and other factors , makes the Sony in 2000 by the unprecedented success to date in 2002 but suffered a serious setback .

April 2003 , Sony announced fiscal year 2002 report , the company disclosed the news of huge losses after the crisis began to emerge of Sony tops, led Sony shock (Sony Shock), Sony shares a 2-day limit-down 25% , and induced the Japanese stock market The high-tech stocks plunged , driving the Nikkei fell sharply , shocked the Japanese stock market , high-tech company's shares have been sold . Idei been criticized for doing a dream for too long, ought voices emerging from the past, was selected as the most successful CEO degenerated into the worst CEO. 2003, 12 Moonrise Nobuyuki Idei as meteorites fall network shows , like the tragic extinction of the dinosaurs , therefore , now Sony is there such a crisis exists . Month also issued earnings expectations three years, the electronics division can reach 10% of the transformation of 60 reforms .

59 years of major shocked high-level transaction

Sony Board of Directors March 7, 2005 for the appointment of the external shock to the U.S. Sony head Howard Stringer as chairman and chief executive officer , and in June 22, 2005 formally adopted the final vote by the shareholders , as Sony in the history of The first foreign leaders, high-profile PlayStation developers - Kutaragi out of health not only unexpected , but also with Nobuyuki Idei , Anteng Guo Wei from the Board , also means that Sony's Nobuyuki Idei, is over .

Sir Howard Stringer was born in England Wales , a former CBS- CBS TV journalist , he was responsible for U.S. companies operating Suonisuoni term , successful business sector to revitalize the film and music , his first task must be complete coordination Its fragmented sector , reform the rigid traditional management system , and improve profits in the electronics sector . By the Norio Ohga 's chosen Idei , originally planned to Sony in 2006, when the 60th anniversary of retirement , but because of Sony 's financial condition save early exit , while the "restructuring of 60 "plan also seems unable to complete the declaration . For Sony, the Japanese company , the appointment of foreigners as chairman of the company's unprecedented changes . Sony laptop battery

The future of the medium-term business strategy and Entertainment

September 22, 2005 , in Howard Stringer and Chubachi the leading role, Sony announced a code-named " Japan plans "(Project Nippon) in the " mid-term business strategy ( 2005-2007 fiscal year ) to strengthen the revitalization of e- business group Performance " reform policies , the end of scheduled reduction in 2007 in Japan four thousand , 6 thousand foreign workers , will cut a total of 1 million people , product range will be reduced by 20 %, 11 manufacturing plants to be closed , reduced from 65 to 54 In the overall financial assessment of adjustment, the expected year-end 2007, a decrease of 2 billion yen (about 1.7 billion 8, 1000 6 million U.S. dollars ) the cost of turnover can be up to 8 trillion yen.

Electronics, games, entertainment industry is a key industry, Sony , video games , the Sony intends to launch in mid- 2006, "PS3", while strengthening self-developed video game software; entertainment , will pursue the film industry 's steady growth , and expanding the network to download Music business and so on; electronics , will be canceled in the past companies everywhere, fragmentation mode of operation , strengthen production and sales units in strategic goods and horizontal cooperation , replaced by director and chief executive of the electronics industry, Ryoji Chubachi , to co-ordinate the entire command Electronic appliance business . QRIO robot , AIBO robot dog , and luxury brand QUALIA three projects will be frozen , as Sony's structural reform in the first group of sacrificing product ; abandon WEGA brand launch BRAVIA TV brand in the global effort to seize the LCD TV market ; and adjust the current In North America, Europe, Japan , other parts of four area planning , adjusted to North America, Europe and East Asia , newly identified in East Asia including China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan . The business restructuring , for the first time on the East Asian market with the same important position in North America and Europe , China, after the United States fully into the world's second largest market .

At the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show , Sony announced the future development of entertainment -related business strategy: the development of four pillars of business , that is, high definition , digital cinema , games and electronic entertainment , to enhance its entertainment services company as a full- Position. Fujitsu Laptop Battery

October 1, 2006 , the Sony Group will adjust the head of e- business to enhance the long-term development strategy , further support the core business and focus on strengthening the areas of product development and product quality . R & D and all new business functions will be concentrated in Sony headquarters, directly leading Chubachi .

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