Network Switch Selection – How to Select a Network Switch

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The network switch is the most common network device with most network infrastructure and as such, selection of new switches or upgrading is an essential component of most network design projects. Wireless design will turn the link with access points. It is associated in some cases an influence on the switch such as increased utilization of switch ports, access lists, Trunking, Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature wattage or Spanning Tree Protocol. The decision to buy new switches or an upgrade, taking into account the evaluation and network design properties are determined is set. The five components include a network switch, chassis switch, Supervisor Engine, switching modules, power supplies, and IOS / Cat OS software. Dell 312-0068 Battery,

Chassis switch features

The switch chassis are features – size, number of slots, processor-slot assignments, switching fabric, supported supervisor engines, Supervisor Engine diversity, power supplies, power fail level units.

Supervisor Engine Features

The switches are implemented with a Supervisor Engine (Switch Processor) for processing of packets on a network segment. Routing is an on-board Multi-Layer Switch Feature Card (MAS) or Route Processor with IOS code. The network switch Supervisor Engine MSFC IOS code on the processor and the switch is in native mode, while the running Cat OS on the processor is in hybrid mode. Some engines will not support native and hybrid mode. The engine without MSFC supports the so-called Cat-OS mode. Select matches the engine design specifications. The MSFC module is integrated with the Supervisor Engine or upgradable. You need a PFC module with all the MSFC. Some supervisor engines have no MSFC module. The routing is integrated with the hardware and as such, support for native mode.

The Supervisor Engine features – are supported chassis switch, uplink speed, processor memory, native IOS and Cat OS, PFC, MSFC, the allocation of slots, diversity.

- Supervisor Engine 720: 6500 Series Switches, 400 Mpps, MSFC3, Ios, Cat OS Dell 312-0068 Battery, Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery,Dell Inspiron 1100 Battery, Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery,

- Supervisor Engine 32: 6500 Series switches, 15 Mpps, MSFC2A, Ios, Cat OS

- Supervisor Engine 5: 4500 Series switches, 72 Mpps, integrated routing, IOS

- Supervisor Engine 4: 4500 Series switches, 48 Mpps, integrated routing, IOS

Switching Module Features Dell 6Y270 Battery,

The module features are – supported chassis switch, interface speed, number of ports, media, cable, connector, throughput, Supervisor Engine supports protocol features, Power over Ethernet, Cisco pre-standard or 802. 3AF.

- Media: copper, fiber

- Cabling: UTP Cat 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, STP, MMF, SMF

- Connectors: RJ45, RJ21, SC, LC

- Transceiver: GBIC, SFP

Power Supply Features

The power supply features include: – Supports chassis, wattage, power over Ethernet, Input / Output amps, power cable type, IOS, Cat OS.

IOS / Cat OS software

Cisco network switches can be deployed with IOS, IOS and Cat OS or exclusive Cat OS software. Design features will determine what mode and IOS or Cat OS version is selected. The software running on the Route Processor must be IOS while the Supervisor Engine switch processor will run IOS (native mode) or Cat OS (hybrid mode). Some Cisco equipment such as the 4507R deploy the Supervisor Engine IV with no MSFC onboard. The routing processor is integrated with the engine. With that design, the Supervisor Engine IV doesn’t support Cat OS.

- Native IOS – at the network edge routing used, where most occur and needs some change

- Hybrid – at the network core routing and where there is high-speed switching used

- Cat OS – to access the network layer can be used where most of the switching and routing will not

Switch Selection Process Dell 1X793 Battery

The following are the five components of a network switch selection process.

1st View Network Assessment and Design

2nd Select switch with design features

3rd Select switch with scalability

4th Balance costs with features

5. Select IOS and/or Cat OS Version

The network assessment and design specifications should be considered before selecting a particular network switches. The Network Assessment examines what is being implemented and the environment in which the selected device is used. The design specifications will determine the performance, availability and scalability needs. Selecting IOS and / or Cat OS versions occur after you have defined the feature set. The companies will establish a budget and that is a key consideration with any selection of equipment. It is not cost effective to select a Cisco 6509 for an office with 50 employees. It is important that any unit to choose the design specification, the scalability needed functionality while meeting budget guidelines.

to examine some typical characteristics of switches:

1) Is there enough chassis slots?

2) As supervisor engines are supported?

3) If the Supervisor Engine failover support?

4) Multi-layer switching is available?

5) What switching modules are available? Dell C1295 Battery

6) What uplinks are available?

7) What is available for a power supply capacity?

the number of rack units?

Switch Selection example:

The Network Assessment discovered the following equipment at the company office.Dell 312-0068 Battery, Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery,Dell Inspiron 1100 Battery, Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery,

· Distribution office has 300 employees

· Fast Ethernet implemented on the desktop

· Cisco 6509 switches with Gigabit Ethernet Trunking

· 3800 Cisco Router with Dual T1 circuits

is implemented · Power over Ethernet

· Multiple VLANs defined

· Local Unix and Windows servers

• Some bandwidth intensive applications

· Voice over IP realized

· Cable cabinets are 500 meters apart

· A number of rack units available

The design is an additional 180 persons will be established soon. The company is one of Staff in the third floor where the wiring closet is 500 meters from 6509. The company will implement some wireless, IP telephony and define VLANs with certain groups. Dell Inspiron 1100 Battery,

The following is a list of special features required:

1st 4 slots chassis switching modules with 48 ports – 10/100BaseT

2nd Gigabit trunking between wiring closets

3rd Supervisor Engines with failover

4th Multilayer Switching

5th Power over Ethernet support

6th Dual Power Supplies with at least 2800W for IP Telephony

7th Quality of Service for VoIP

8th Switching performance for converged telephony network

Selected Switch: Cisco 4507R

The 7-slot, such as the Cisco 4507R switch is a good choice with an additional 180 employees. The unit is 4-48-port modules with a slot for additional employees. The dual supervisor engines IV 2 slots will be assigned with failover, multi-layer switching between VLANs uplinks and Gigabit port on the 6509 devices. Each of the switching module are PoE-capable with the new 802nd 3AF standard. Dual power supplies provide enough power for the implementation of hundreds of Cisco IP phones and access points. The performance is 75 Mpps wire-speed switching. The 4507R is cheaper than the nearest Cisco 6509 device. Supervisor Engine Several models are available with additional features.

- 7-slot chassis with 2 supervisor engines and switching modules, four 48-port – 10/100BaseT

- Supervisor Engine IV with integrated multi-layer switching, diversity, dual Gigabit uplinks

- Power over Ethernet (PoE) support with 802nd Standard 3AF

- Dual Power Supplies with 2800W or 4200W for telephony, Wireless, Power over Ethernet

- Quality of Service features for voice traffic Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery,

- Fast performance with 75 Mpps wire-speed switching for converged networks

The Cisco 3750 Series switch was not so expensive, however there were not enough seats are free, stacking technology is expensive and turns in 38th 7 mpps compared to the 4507R device at 75 Mpps. The company would have to buy five separate switches with 48 ports for 180 employees. The Cisco 2950 switch no power failover and scalability. The 6509 switch was much more expensive, had two additional slots,Dell 312-0068 Battery, Dell 6Y270 Battery, Dell 1X793 Battery, Dell C1295 Battery,Dell Inspiron 1100 Battery, Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery, more power than was necessary and the switching modules were expensive. The implementation is a bit difficult with the 6500 Cisco devices.

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