Like a meteorite crashed into the crisis - Sony shock

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Defeated rival Nintendo PlayStation console , forced to leave the SEGA, a leading traditional camera brand digital cameras , video receiver chip exclusive City , VAIO series personal computer hot . But since the 2001 global recession, the network bubble ; in 1994 since the release of PlayStation 10 years after development has been re- released original products are not ; Benshen in Electronic Field does not support MP3 Ge Shi Yin Wei WalkMan caused Apple iPod digital music player in the Global Hot , replacing the WalkMan original position; have pride Trinitron (Trinitron) technology development WEGA HD video technology alone misjudged the development of LCD TVs , LCD technology has made zh-tw:Sharp; Zh-hk: Sharp (Sharp),Samsung(Samsung) to obtain TV images of leadership ... a series of decision-making errors and to suppress the price of electronic products and other factors , makes the Sony in 2000 by the unprecedented success to date in 2002 but suffered a serious setback . Toshiba PA3399U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3395U-1BRS Battery,

April 2003 , Sony announced fiscal year 2002 report , the company disclosed the news of huge losses after the crisis began to emerge of Sony tops, led Sony shock (Sony Shock), Sony shares a 2-day limit-down 25% , and induced the Japanese stock market The high-tech stocks plunged , drivingNikkeiFell sharply , shocked the Japanese stock market , high-tech company's shares have been sold . Idei been criticized for doing a dream for too long, ought voices emerging from the past, was selected as the most successful CEO degenerated into the worst CEO. 2003, 12 Moonrise Nobuyuki Idei as meteorites fall network shows , like the tragic extinction of the dinosaurs , therefore , now Sony is there such a crisis exists . Month also issued earnings expectations three years, the electronics division can reach 10% of the transformation of 60 reforms .

59 years of major shocked high-level transaction

Sony Board of Directors March 7, 2005 for the appointment of the external shock to the U.S. Sony head Howard Stringer as chairman and chief executive officer , and in June 22, 2005 formally adopted the final vote by the shareholders , as Sony in the history of The first foreign leaders, high-profile PlayStation developers - Kutaragi out of health not only unexpected , but also with Nobuyuki Idei , Anteng Guo Wei from the Board , also means that Sony's Nobuyuki Idei, is over .

Sir Howard Stringer was born in England Wales , a former CBS- CBS TV journalist , he was responsible for U.S. companies operating Suonisuoni term , successful business sector to revitalize the film and music , his first task must be complete coordination Its fragmented sector , reform the rigid traditional management system , and improve profits in the electronics sector . By the Norio Ohga 's chosen Idei , originally planned to Sony in 2006, when the 60th anniversary of retirement , but because of Sony 's financial condition save early exit , while the "restructuring of 60 "plan also seems unable to complete the declaration . For Sony, the Japanese company , the appointment of foreigners as chairman of the company ever changes .

The future of the medium-term business strategy and Entertainment

September 22, 2005 , in Howard Stringer and Chubachi the leading role, Sony announced a code-named " Japan plans "(Project Nippon) in the " mid-term business strategy ( 2005-2007 fiscal year ) to strengthen the revitalization of e- business group Performance " reform policies , the end of scheduled reduction in 2007 in Japan four thousand , 6 thousand foreign workers , will cut a total of 1 million people , product range will be reduced by 20 %, 11 manufacturing plants to be closed , reduced from 65 to 54 In the overall financial assessment of adjustment, the expected year-end 2007, a decrease of 2 billion yen (about 1.7 billion 8, 1000 6 million U.S. dollars ) the cost of turnover can be up to 8 trillion yen. Toshiba PA3250U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3356U-1BRS Battery,

Electronics, games, entertainment industry by Sony as a key industryVideo games, The Sony intends to launch in mid- 2006, "PS3", while strengthening self-developed video game software; entertainment , will pursue the film industry 's steady growth and expanding the network to download music career and so on ; electronics , the company will be canceled in the past everywhere, Fragmentation mode of operation , strengthen production and sales units in strategic goods and the horizontal cooperation , change of electronic industries and limitation by the Social Chairman Chang of the bowls good governance , to co-ordinate commanding the entire electronic home appliances business . QRIO robot , AIBO robot dog , and luxury brand QUALIA three projects will be frozen , as Sony's structural reform in the first group of sacrificing product ; abandon WEGA brand launch BRAVIA TV brand in the global effort to seize the LCD TV market ; and adjust the current In North America, Europe, Japan , other parts of four area planning , adjusted to North America, Europe and East Asia , newly identified in East Asia including China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan . The business restructuring , for the first time on the East Asian market with the same important position in North America and Europe , China, after the United States fully into the world's second largest market .

At the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show , Sony announced the future development of entertainment -related business strategy: the development of four pillars of business , that is, high definition , digital cinema , games and electronic entertainment , to enhance its entertainment services company as a full- Position.

October 1, 2006 , the Sony Group will adjust the head of e- business to enhance the long-term development strategy , further support the core business and focus on strengthening the areas of product development and product quality . R & D and all new business functions will be concentrated in Sony headquarters, directly leading Chubachi .

2008 Sony brand value of selected laboratory preparation of the World "China's first brand buyer satisfaction " , ranking 12th .

"Sony" Origin and brand value

Brand Origin IBM 08K8214 Battery, IBM 08K8195 Battery,

The company formerly known as "Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. "in moving into the international , the Morita feel the full name of the company too long , hinder international, so hope to come up with a good mind to do as IBM is the name of international . Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka a search of the English dictionary , and finally decided to use the Latin "Souns" ( sound) , the English "Sunney" ( cute kids ) to form "Sonny" started out meaning to sound cute naughty child . However "Sonny" in the Japanese pronunciation of the vocabulary words is ominous , and finally decided to remove one of the letter "n", "Sonny" into a "Sony", a Japanese style of English words .

Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka to persuade against the directors in January 1958 after renamed SONY, Sony, read out the new name is not fully feel the Japanese company , it is thought that their own country and friendly feeling to beat Sony's success Into the United States and overseas markets. To date, there are still less exposed to consumer electronics people think Sony is the U.S. brand .

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