HP laptop battery maintenance of law

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Laptop battery more and more people are now the concern has become one of the broken heart , for those who bring laptops on the go , the battery length of time a serious impact on their mood , laptop battery problem is really not a solution You?Beijing HP notebook repairTell you : not .Hp laptop battery The following is the solution , please give serious consideration to :


First make sure your books are the kind of medium , and then engaged in several batteries back from the electronic market to buy or purchase from the most creative network . This cell shape Jiugen home with the small battery is not nearly the same outer packaging , voltage unification1.2V, While the capacity is not the same , the same as household batteries , small , medium voltage is1.5V,However, as the use of the same output current , then the number must be used for longer than the trumpet . Conditions as much as possible to purchase high capacity although the price has some gaps. (Beijing HP notebook repair)

With the battery , then the next step is surgery to your battery , HP F2019B Battery, HP OmniBook 6000 Battery ,HP F1739A Battery the battery shell is mostly from the middle of the upper and lower shell bonded , we also from its binding place it sawn,(This process is the most trouble building a successful relationship)Slowly sawing, sawn in order to achieve a straight line after the bonding process with respect , patience is your ability to test. Do not pay attention to the battery when the saw which saw the bad parts .

After sawing the inside , but you will find thatNA(SometimesNGreater than10Of)Battery series-parallel and Seoul . In fact in most cases there are problems , not every cell but only one of the one or several sections , from which it points out the need of wisdom , the maintenance process is the only issue that a few cells to normal cells with purchase Generation replace , the problem is so simple.

Then determine the battery is good or bad , has the following methods:

Take one home side take the negative side of the fuse connected positive(Short-circuit discharge)If the fuse immediately blows, then this section is good , otherwise there is no response if the battery is the problem then this section of the battery .

If your laptop battery problems mentioned above may wish to try , HP F1739A Battery, believe that your battery will soon get better.

HP notebook some small problems in daily life

Today , laptop computers more and more people welcome, but more often fails, the following isBeijing HP notebook repairIntroduce you to a few notebook computers will generally appear under the fault , I hope we can do References :

Q: Why can not use the built-in touchpad?

A:(1 )Make sure your hands are not too much sweat or moisture , because excessive humidity can cause short-circuit indicator unit . Keep the touch pad surface clean and dry.(2 )When you are typing or using the touchpad , do not your hand or wrist*In the touch panel . As the touch panel can be sensitive to the fingertips of any mobile , if you hand on the touch pad , touch pad response will lead to poor or slow .

Q: how do the mouse can not move?

A: The mouse can not move , can first checkTouch padDriver is installed, check the settings are correct. HP OmniBook 6000 Battery Suddenly can not move the mouse , the other main reason is because the machine"Death"Result . Can"Ctrl + Del + Alt"Three key while pressing the hot-start mode , reboot to see the mouse is working. If this phenomenon occurs frequently , it is recommended to reinstall the system(Beijing HP notebook repair)

Q: how do not shutdown?

A: This is because the majority of users to add(Or remove)Software, changes to the system registry files , resulting in the shutdown process can not perform normal shutdown can result . Solution is based on first"Power" Key to sustained4~5Second , to see whether the shutdown , such as can not be taken to remove the external power supply off and remove the battery of methods to force shutdown .HP F2019B Battery, HP OmniBook 6000 Battery ,HP F1739A Battery, After restarting, can take a systematic approach to re- install , repair registry file .

Q: The blank screen how to solve?

A : According to"Power"Key, the status window flashes repeatedly , but the screen does not light. Then you need to check the power is normal , and then confirm that the machine is plugged in a memory . Press"Power"Key,HP F2019B Battery, the status window with the battery icon shows that the machine rotating fan sound, but do not stop, this may be due toCPUInterface, due to loosening , which requires professional and technical personnel , please open the case , re- insertedCPU.

More than a few laptops in the daily life problems will be encountered in the hope that we can remember and to promptly resolve such problems. This information is provided

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