HP achievement possibilities to achieve a unique value proposition to enhance TVO

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As more enterprises will look locked in how to " reduce the total cost of ownership " when a new IT standard of value trade-off is being more and more executives and IT managers the information concerns - out of TCO, TVO -oriented That enhance the value of ownership of enterprises . Currently , HP 's " scientific achievements in endless possibilities - Make IT Happen " commercial marketing activities ,HP Presario NX9000 Battery precisely at HP's innovative solutions to help enterprise users more fully and effectively set up to judge the reasonableness of IT systems to enhance the IT investment General have the value of IT to achieve maximum benefits . Hewlett-Packard by creating more secure , reliable, easy to use product application system , and improving office efficiency; by optimizing the IT architecture and simplify IT environments , to promote the value of enterprise business and IT growth ; IT industry by creating a link chain green chain Promote the sustainable development of enterprises .


Safe and reliable , quality first

Innovative high-tech means , but otherwise , HP know that customers need to be able to get the price of high-tech economy , China and customers around the world are seeking to achieve a lower total cost of ownership of the technology, which Ultimately enhance the value of IT . Therefore , HP has invested a lot of time to make their own safer , more efficient , while ensuring product quality , they also bring stability to the user 's application experience , but also help enterprises to reduce overall costs. HP's flagship business notebook HP Elitebook Series meet stringent military standards , can effectively prevent vibration , pressure caused by physical damage, and support the laptop in the normal use of the harsh natural environment , eliminating extreme environments notebook users to worry about ; The HP business desktop PCs have been the 130,000 hours without failure run the test , the user can also choose to lead active PFC ( power factor correction ) power supply , compared to passive PFC power supply , active PFC power supply has a higher energy conversion rate , Lower operating noise , excellent quality and design to ensure operational stability.

Improve efficiency, to simplify

Over the years to bring to the enterprise ITcomplexity of IT, while companies in the automation level of the higher office ,HP F2299A Battery, pairs of advanced IT equipment and ease of use of Yao Qiuye more demanding , so Kongzhi time costs reflect the company 's Jing Zheng Zhi Jie Advantage . High-quality IT equipment to help companies reduce unnecessary loss of time , thereby enhancing the working efficiency is an important way to enhance the TVO . HP is committed to explore procedures to simplify IT operations platform that enables complex business applications become easy . On this point , HP workstations applied SkyRoom, Acrobat Professional Extended (PDF production tool for multi- format conversion , which exchanges ) and other value-added software to help enterprises maximize the return on investment and ensure maximum user Application of high efficiency .

Green chain, carbon is king

Today is the advocate of green carbon , green energy era , the direct promotion of products, low carbon design TVO performance. From the pursuit of convenience to the pursuit of high performance, and then to now "green" as the product selling points , HP is confident that the information age green development. Hewlett-Packard is committed to achieving the best economic benefit and integration of environmental responsibility , has been on all aspects of implementing the green features of the concern and attention , and provide green IT products to save energy characteristics of green products work together to fulfill corporate users to protect Environment, social responsibility. HP EliteBook series flagship business notebook with long battery life , up to three years of its life , the majority of lithium-ion laptop battery life, twice , at the same time , HP also offers the long-life battery for three years limited warranty , HP F3172A Battery, for business users Save a lot of economic costs and energy costs , laying a solid foundation for green development .

For enterprises, the value of the integration of IT in business requirements , the use of IT equipment to the enterprise business value , enhance TVO, is the CIO and IT managers need to consider one of the important issues , so this will be HP's business activities in each market TVO show a weapon upgrade magic , science and technology to bring enterprise customers to witness the final success is possible.

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