Electronic energy management system – battery management and generator control

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With the development of automotive technology, automotive electronics and entertainment, more and more. The electronic system to increase the pressure of energy for vehicles in general, in the case of 1kW power, drive 100 km each person needs to consume 0.7 to 1.2L. dell laptop battery


With the development of automotive technology, automotive electronics and entertainment, more and more. Although these electronic systems to increase the pressure of energy for vehicles, the general, in the case of 1kW power, drive 100 km each person needs to consume 0.7 to 1.2 liters of gasoline, but is facing a shortage of energy, other the one hand because of electronic system can also electric breakdown of Daozhi Qijubuneng Qidongshili Shibai Chengweiqidong the main reason.


At the same time, the number of cars is increasing, while pollution emissions have become one of most concern in the world. At present Europe has adopted legislation on the limitation of CO2 emissions, according to the regulation, from 2012 to 2015,Dell Latitude D610 Battery, Dell 312-0068 Battery, Dell 6Y270 Battery, emissions of CO2 must be reduced from 160 g / km now to 120 ~ 125g/km. 2020, CO2 emissions from cars does not exceed 95 g / km. The law allows manufacturers of automotive design in the future must be taken into account the reduction of CO2 emissions or face heavy fines. Therefore, we must now seek to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy solutions.


Bosch Automotive Electronics division has been engaged in developing the management system of the electronic energy and matching Bosch electronic energy management system battery sensors, alternators controlled and integrated electronic control unit management software energy and other components.


battery and detecting the discharge state and optimization Dell Latitude D610 Battery,


The electronic systems of energy management through the integration of sensors in the battery in the method of monitoring battery status can monitor the status of the battery in time. Accordingly, in the main control unit can also be set in the control systems of the battery and the sensors work strategies, define the scope of work for the battery, based on the current burden of battery, battery temperature and vehicle operating conditions, and adopt the generator control policy appropriate. Timely charge the battery. In the process, the loop vehicle Kongzhi Gongyingchuyu Wanquan energy state, thereby securing the energy supply of the vehicle, optimizing energy management Zhengche to ensure the engine Zaici need current minimum, prevent the vehicle caused Dianchikuidian can not start the problem again.


The dynamic control of voltage generator


Meanwhile, the electronic management system of energy is also able to use the generator alternator controlled to dynamically change the voltage setting to optimize the distribution of engine torque and vehicle energy management.


conventional generator control can not use the additional mechanical energy, the operating voltage is not controllable. When the car is running in the acceleration process, the need for high torque, the generator consumes more conventional engine torque, while the electronic power management can dynamically control voltage generating to adjust the torque generator demand torque reducing the need for the vehicle during operation. When the car accelerates the state, the system reduces the operating voltage generator, thereby reducing the torque generator torque demand to ensure a more energy available to the vehicle speed. On the contrary, when the vehicle is at low state slow, increase the voltage of the generator, so that the system could use the additional mechanical energy when slowing down to charge the battery.Dell 312-0068 Battery,


battery charge and discharge under normal circumstances, Dell Latitude D610 Battery, Dell 312-0068 Battery, Dell 6Y270 Battery,if the sensors detect the state of battery charge is less, the main control unit accordingly increase the generator voltage, the charge to improve the effectiveness of generators for fast charging. When the battery is full, the corresponding reduction of voltage generator, so that producers in the state of rest to avoid over-charging the battery, which reduces consumption of torque. This can reduce fuel consumption and maintain the state of charge is in a safe range for the battery in a healthy range, the battery life.ry



In summary, the electronic energy management to some extent, improve the startup performance of the vehicle,Dell 6Y270 Battery, ensure food within a reliable electronic systems to improve reliability, reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, are increasingly more and more used research and development of cars. Bosch continues to showcase the electronic power management for further optimization and new research.

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