China's Shanghai Composite Index fell fearsCanon IXUS210

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May 6 (Bloomberg) - Asian stocks fell, dragging down the biggest in 3 months, Hp laptop battery Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Index fell, and clear its concern about the crisis of 2010 the Greek deficit will be spread throughout Europe and hurt global economic recovery gain.

Canon, the Japanese camera makers are counted as Europe's largest market, fell 3.1 percent in Tokyo. Korea Zinc Company, the world's second largest zinc refinery, in Seoul sank 6.3 percent as commodity prices fell yesterday. BHP BillitonCanon SX210Company, the world's largest mining company, lost 2.4 percent in Sydney. Westpac sank the company's rating was lowered to 4.6 percent.

Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia Pacific Index fell 2.2 percent, to 119.95 to 1:27 p.m. on February 5th in Tokyo since the most. The index from February 8 this year, better than the low estimate of the economic data and earnings of companies around the world, enough to offset the five per cent of the debt problem in Europe. Moody's InvestorsCanon 550DServices yesterday placed on review for possible downgrade the ratings of Portugal.

"The issue of raising awareness of the Greek financial system's health and slowing global money supply concern, said:" Ayako Sera Monastery, located in Tokyo, Sumitomo Trust and Banking Company, which manages 300 billion U.S.HP F1739A Battery, HP Omnibook XE Battery,HP F2024B Battery, HP F2024A Battery, dollars strategist.

Japan's Nikkei 225 stock average was down 3-day holiday in Europe's growing debt problem and China's actions to clear the slow growth of about 1.5 trillion global stock market 3.1 percent.

China's Shanghai Composite Index fell fearsCanon IXUS210The government will adopt more measures to curb property prices 1.7 percent. Australia's S & P / ASX 200 index fell 2 percent. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell 1.1 percent, HP F1739A Battery, while South Korea's Seoul Composite index fell 2.2 percentage points.

Spread effect '

In the S & P 500 Index futures rose 0.1 percent. The index fell 0.7 percent yesterday and the Morgan Stanley World Index erased in 2010 by the European Central Bank Governing Council member Weber warned that Greece's fiscal crisis may have "serious contagion effects in the euro area."

In the Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia Pacific Index of all 10 industry groupsCanon ixus130Today down. From the standard 0.4 percentage point decline in one year. In the measure of a trading company in the 1.56 times book value, compared to an average of about 1.5 in February, the index of low-fold, Bloomberg data show.

Canon lost 3.1 percent to 4,220 yen in Tokyo. Toyota Motor Corporation is the world's largest car maker, fell 3 percent to 3,555 yen, No. 2 Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia Pacific index of drag. Fanuc company, earned its revenue in Europe, about 15 percent of the industrial robot manufacturer, sank 3.9 至 百分之 四十 〇 一 万 ○ 七百 日元.

Japanese exporters also fell 1 euro a threat to Europe to reduce the value of income when converted back into yen. The euro fell as low as 119.96 yen from 124.58 earlier in Tokyo, Japan at 15 o'clock on the April 30 closing. European currencies against the yen rose 0.3 percent today.

The euro fell as the European Central Bank's Weber said yesterday that infectionCanon A495The threat that Germany's contribution of 110 million euros (142 million U.S. dollars) in aid, Greece package.

Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia-Pacific region excluding Japan fell 4.1 percent addition to total Greece may need assistance,HP Omnibook XE Battery in the last 3 days in the concerned countries. Moody's yesterday placed on review of its Aa2 rating of the country for Portugal's struggle to reduce the deficit and restore economic growth.

"At some point, investors may begin to distinguish them from reality in Asia, even America's European situation," said Angus Gluskie, who is white in the management of the fund management holding about 300 million U.S. dollars in Sydney. "But at this stage, everything is in sync."

Mining shares fall

Zinc fell 6.3 percent in Seoul to 180,000 won a collapse in commodity prices.Canon A3000ISPrices fell 4.3 percent in New York. Copper fell to 11 weeks, nickel fell as much as 16 percent minimum.

In Sydney, BHP Billiton fell 2.4 percent to A37.82 dollars. HP F1739A Battery, HP Omnibook XE Battery,HP F2024B Battery, HP F2024A Battery, Rio Tinto Group, the world's third largest mining company, sank 2.9% to A66.30 dollars. Rio Tinto expansion project on hold for some of Australia to study the four proposed by the Government into a "super-exploitation of the profit tax" effect.

Woodside Petroleum Ltd., Australia's second largest oil and gas producer, fell 1.1% to A44.21 dollars.

Westpac, yesterday raised onCanon A3100Outlook cautious profit growth fell 4.6 percentage points, to Goldman Sachs JBWere Holdings,HP F2024B Battery, Royal Bank of Scotland Group analyst A 24.98 U.S. dollars. Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse Group AG downgraded Westpac.

National Australia Bank, the country's largest commercial loans, down 2.4 percentage points to the previous fiscal first half profits A26.13 dollar fell 21 percent. Financial companies account for 32 Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia Pacific Index has fallen by today.

Property curbs

China Vanke Co., the country's largest listed property developer, the nextDrop s907.34 yuan per cent of the southern city of Shenzhen. The city will be limited until the end of this year only, foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan citizens to purchase a house in a residential, China Securities Journal said.

Vanke shares fall, after the company reported higher sales of properties in April. Poly Real Estate Group Ltd. fell 3.6 percent to 11.02 million yuan in Shanghai. Hang Lung Properties Limited, a developer in China produced 402,009 revenue ratio, sank 3.4 percent to 26.70 U.S. dollars Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong reported.

Last month, the government implemented a ban on the third loan, and to improveCanon Digital CameraMortgage rates and down payment requirements of the second purchase, check prices, which reached a record growth of 11.7 percent in March.


"Love is very weak, investors worried about slowing economic growth have increased," said Zhang Kun, at Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai strategy. "The stock market is still room for further decline."

AU Optronics Corp.,HP F2024A Battery, Taiwan's second largest flat panel maker, lost 2.7 percent to 34.05 U.S. dollars in Taipei, Taiwan dollars, while LG Electronics Display Co., Ltd., is the world's second-largest LCD maker, fellCasio Digital Camera3.4 percent in Seoul, four 4,550 won after the division of America Movil SAB price of the company's complaint.

In stock, advanced, Dana rose HP F1739A Battery, HP Omnibook XE Battery,HP F2024B Battery, HP F2024A Battery, 一一 ○ ○ ○ yen in Tokyo, auction, operators and shopping site on the Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia Pacific Index's biggest gains, said its wholly- increase in annual net sales growth.

"World economic growth is positive momentum, it is not impossible, thereby enabling investors to mind once again raise the growth prospects of other economies," White said, the fund 'Gluskie. "But at present, Europe is the main risk of concern. People look thinner fast facts and drawings, may not be correct about, how this could play out the conclusion."

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