Battery testing and certification reduce product risks

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In recent years, the global battery recall popular concern, and it causes the international market for the battery increased importance of security. With the market authorities on national control of cell products to increase,Hp laptop battery manufacturers of household batteries are facing the challenge of improving the quality of the product.


2010 The 9th China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF) in June 24-26 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition is organized by the chemical and physical strength, the battery industry, international regular, (hp dv1000 battery), HP PF723A Battery, HP 367759-001 Battery, is also the battery industry in China, the registration of the mark by the first Conference and international exposure from 50 countries and regions, nearly one thousand guests came to see. Exhibition, the global authority of the certifying body TÜV SÜD test its 144 years of professional services to bring Chinese battery makers to help them improve product quality to ensure exportation of their products sweetness. TÜV SÜD is where the booth: 1E161-162.

Battery safety related to people’s everyday lives in real security if the public about the safety of the batteries were asked about the effects not only the battery industry battery industry, the industry would be around affected. To reduce the risk of battery products, build the security fence. International buyers battery current international markets, the main concern is the battery of safety standards, especially European standards IEC/EN62133, IEC/EN61982, etc., followed by the performance IEC/EN61951-1/2 standard IEC/EN61960, transportation safety standards according to the battery Directive 2006/66/EC IEC/EN62281 and chemical analysis is often on the procurement needs of buyers batteries.

TÜV SÜD join the CA, create shareholder value “from the service commitment to provide complete battery test and certification services (as CBscheme, TÜVSÜDBauartMark CTIA and certification) to ensure quality battery can meet international standards. to test the Group’s products include portable rechargeable batteries, electric batteries, HP 367759-001 Battery, batteries, battery, batteries, lead-acid fuel cells. Battery testing services are environmental testing (simulated altitude test the temperature cycle, thermal abuse test), mechanical testing (vibration, mechanical shock, free fall, extrusion), the test Electric (battery capacity, over discharge, overload, short circuit testing, mandatory discharge), EMC testing. Battery-Zhi Zao providers, Qi Ye and international buyers Jiejue partner certification cooperation problem, TÜV Nande groups itself through Ti Gong Ji Shu and localized professional services to assist manufacturers of batteries and Chinese companies Jinru market structures The International A Kuaisuyouxiao deck.

As a leader in the industry,(hp dv1000 battery), HP PF723A Battery, HP 367759-001 Battery, TÜV SÜD also the first performance test of the battery pack with CB qualified laboratory, the first laboratory internal audit of secondary batteries trained security card, and also the country of his choice with CTIA (IEEE1725 certification body). BC as a laboratory battery, TÜV SÜD experts team can provide companies export battery CB report and location-based certificates, flexible and efficient one-stop border certification services for clients within easy access pass to enter multi-country market. Programs battery manufacturers to export widely distributed across the European Union, the United States CTIA, Russia GOST, KC South Korea, Japan, PSE, TISI Thailand and many other national certifications to maximize the test to avoid duplication, saving time and cost of certification tests, and explore future market lay a solid foundation.

TÜV SÜD Group, said: “The director in 2010, the 9th China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition, hoping to help manufacturers of household batteries for more information on safety tests of the battery and certification information to provide more security and better battery protection, so users can feel more comfortable using batteries. In the meantime, HP PF723A Battery, we are committed to helping Canadian manufacturers for international buyers’ greater recognition to a wider international market

Rbat (DOD, T) table in the discharging process is continually updated. Computers used to calculate the table in the load current and temperature conditions, when the voltage at the end of his mandate. The overall impedance of the battery with the battery charge and discharge cycles of aging and the increase. Impedance obtained by the formula

With feedback impedance of the battery, use read-only instructions of the program include memory (inthefirmware) algorithm simulation to determine the voltage remaining capacity (MR). simulation algorithm first calculates the present value SOCstart, then calculated the same load current, and value of SOC decrease in future as the battery voltage. Simulation of the battery voltage when VBAT (SOCI, T) of the voltage at the battery terminals (3.OV typical value), the acquisition and the voltage corresponding to values of SOC and scored Socfinal.

Impedance Track battery gas gauge single test results

Track circuit impedance single lithium-ion battery in Figure 2. BAT2 PIN input by measuring the battery voltage differential signal, via the Coulomb counter input (PRS and NRS) followed the current.(hp dv1000 battery), HP PF723A Battery, HP 367759-001 Battery, The system uses gas gauge single communications port SDQ SOC and duration of operation is near the end (Run-Time-to-empty) and other information.

Even in the case of load variations, IT gauges can accurately predict the remaining battery power. For example, (hp dv1000 battery), digital cameras at different way of working, the battery charge is different. Figure 3 shows how it gauges to accurately predict the remaining capacity of the battery. Remaining error rate estimates less than 1%. And, because the battery to predict remaining battery impedance and the effect of aging can be updated in real time, such that the vgp-bps2c vgp-bps5 battery can maintain for the duration of this small error.

Impedance of the battery gas gauge integrated method of counting algorithm and Coulomb stress related, but reached a more accurate monitor of the battery. In the relaxed state can obtain an accurate measurement of the OCV SOC value. Like all self-discharge of the battery OCV decreased during the reaction out of him, without the need for a correction of self-discharge. When the device is in active mode and the access charge to begin the implementation of the current method of counting the Coulomb basis points. impedance of the battery measured by updated in real time

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