Automobile battery industry concern “lithium carbonate”

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The industry believes that the emphasis in 2010 on the industry to low-carbon central concern is the battery. Implementation in the short term new energy policy decisions of automobile production of the Ni-MH and sales scale, technological advances will determine the future application of the status of lithium, Hp laptop battery about the scarcity listed companies must not forget the investment opportunities hidden.


The automakers to accelerate the transition to vehicles new energy

Hai Tong Securities research report indicates that the priority this year, HP PP2100 Battery, HP Presario R3000 Battery the battery power promising, nuclear energy, smart grid and plate photovoltaics. Comparing the costs of reducing emissions – the curve of potential market size – and the expansion phase of competition in the industry – industry growth and other possible methods to evaluate opportunities to Investment plate optimistic about 2010, battery, nuclear energy, smart grid and plate photovoltaïque.les five aspects of client resources.

This reporter has learned, “Air Act” that will be submitted to the NPC for approval during the year to further improve the “traffic pollution Control Regulations” and “12 5″ engine control program for motor vehicle pollution , “marked the national legal environment is increasingly severe, the increased cost of conventional gasoline vehicles, increased use of vehicles to new energy will be the laws and regulations to guide the direction of industrial policy.

CITIC Securities analysts have noted that the new standards of fuel are forcing domestic manufacturers to accelerate the transition to vehicles with new energy. Department proposed new standards for fuel economy of the United States to improve standards for fuel economy of vehicles for the first time responses. (HP Presario R3000 Battery)Obama announced on May 19 last year from 2016, the United States to implement the fuel consumption of 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers of new standards for the implementation of earlier than expected in 2020 for 4 years. The implementation of the new standard means that most vehicles in the streets of the United States, will be demolished in 2016.

Xinhua said regulatory fuel economy, emissions of CO2 per km for 161 grams, according to a liter of gasoline is equivalent to 2.3 kg of CO2, the new standards of fuel consumption for the equivalent of 7 gallons gasoline per 100 kilometers, slightly less than U.S. standards.

Lithium Carbonate Supply and demand will be completely broken

industry expectations, the U.S. can be adopted as early as September,HP PP2100 Battery, HP Presario R3000 Battery “Clean Energy Security Act.” After China and the world will follow other major industrial countries issued their support for the new energy policy, for the Copenhagen agreement in December to a greater influence. Institutions that September to December, before and after the introduction of new countries with high energy intensity will support the development of related policies, the layout is Now available in advance of new species related to energy.

Japan Nomura Securities analyst, said the Chinese market, we have reviewed under the new energy policy aimed at promoting investment opportunities in the industry of automotive batteries. Nomura Securities as 3-5 years, (HP PP2100 Battery,)HEV NiMH batteries will remain the mainstream of energy vehicles new HEV will and PHEV, EV is about 10 ans.perspectives.

the most promising new direction for the application of lithium battery vehicles électriques.augmenté about 8%, future demand will be to maintain this growth, reaching 115 000 tonnes in 2010.

Hai Tong Securities, said the main raw material for lithium carbonate, lithium electrolyte of lithium and the commodity is negative matériaux.Selon this projection, the annual increase in demand would be several million tons lithium carbonate.

Revolutionary change. “Hai Tong Securities analyst Liu Li said.

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