Analysis Ethernet technology development and application

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In Ethernet technology (PoE) the development of Fujitsu LifeBook S6000 notebook battery of “In the future, cable is definitely better than the power line,” bold vision, the Power over Ethernet technology, a large number of applications is yet to come if we pleased his offers a beautiful themselves: Power over Ethernet flowers open in the future. Dell YD626 Battery,

Everyone cheers

Power over Ethernet technical assessment of the industry are not small. In the future, cable is definitely better than the power line, this bold claim reached its depending on whether the mana-over-Ethernet power supply is big enough.

“With the establishment of the 802nd 3AF IEEE standard for Power over Ethernet market in order to facilitate a heart stimulant to the IP phones and wireless access devices support. And a lot of applications is also fast in come to the fore, including Bluetooth access point device easy work, network printers, IP phones, web cameras, wireless bridge, access control readers and surveillance systems. Users of the current Ethernet integration of the new power supply device can in the existing network Online provides its 48V DC power supply, Dell YD626 Battery, Dell 312-0393 Battery,Dell Latitude D800 Battery, Dell Inspiron 8500 Battery reducing the total cost of network construction and protection of investments represent. “Burton research director Dave Passmore Power over Ethernet bright application prospect.

Commented Cisco Power over Ethernet “, in June 2003, has always been a serious Sony VGP-bpl2 Laptop approved battery standard sounds very avant-garde – IEEE 802 3AF, the standard pairs of routers, switches and hubs via Ethernet cable to the IP telephones, wireless LAN access points and other devices powered as set been. realization of the technology notebook computer is no longer doing in the future requires no batteries or bulky and cumbersome plug, as long as it can connect to the network, network cable, networked devices will automatically power . Dell 312-0393 Battery

“Be coupled with the network, IP phones, IP video surveillance applications with wireless Ethernet applications increasingly used to provide Power over Ethernet support requirements of the increasingly urgent, Ethernet has the inevitable tendency. Alcatel attaches great importance to the development of Ethernet technology, research and development into a powerful force in OmniSwitch series Ethernet switches to the corresponding modules to start. “said Alcatel-technical staff.

“We are not using Ethernet technology, but if it is accepted, the convenience of administration and maintenance to bring over the phone in order to maintain the working classes are conducted by the Networks Division, if the price is down some, would be very promising. “Ministry of Finance Information Center is responsible for network management, Wang Bin, commented on the Ethernet technology. In fact, the reporter for users of Power over Ethernet interview attempts, the Internal Revenue Service in Beijing, China Netcom (Beijing) Communications companies have expressed concerns on this issue, answers are also similar. “At present, Wireless Local Area Network in China Netcom (Beijing) communications company has no large applications, but it will be used safely when the time is bound to consider the Power over Ethernet.” Mr. Chen says the unit.

Power over Ethernet technology, the industry optimistic overall, had the above statement a few IBM Thinkpad T43 Series Laptop Battery on this point also proved to be, indicating that it has a good future.

Electric, where he comes from?

No external power supply, IP phones, wireless LAN and laptop computers can work, it sounds like a very God, right? Electric, where he is? Dell Latitude D800 Battery,

Power over Ethernet technology sounds a bit mysterious, and some journalists have done in the IT sector of friends chatting on the subject, most of which expressed a novel. Power over Ethernet is at the end, how does it work? After analyzing a simple application.

Generally requires the IP telephony equipment two interfaces: one connected to the LAN and connected to the AC mains. As for other network devices such as wireless LAN access devices, laptops, and network cameras, also have two sets of interfaces. This, in addition to cable, power cord indispensable. In addition, many network equipment for operation are necessary, must be placed in a special place, wireless LAN is the best known examples. In order to achieve a certain coverage, wireless access devices are usually placed on the ceiling, but at this point difficult to find a suitable interface AC output. 802nd 3AF standard-setting specifications for these devices is not born to power line interface, that is, power over Ethernet need. 802nd 3AF defines a set of methods, power plants and electrical equipment, including unshielded twisted-pair transmission 48V AC used to build the existing devices such as cable 5/5e/6-Kabel, with wire frame which output port, the connection hardware.

The standard defines two methods: Mid-Span and End-Span. The former use is the Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop battery is not used in pairs to transmit DC, used because in Ethernet, four pairs of wire cable in the two pairs to transmit data, the latter is in the transmission of data At the same cable used on transmit DC, frequency of the signal and the Ethernet data signals of different frequencies,Dell YD626 Battery, Dell 312-0393 Battery,Dell Latitude D800 Battery, Dell Inspiron 8500 Battery the current method more favored. Industry experts pointed out that the End-Span is popular reason that this method in support for Power over Ethernet switch can be embedded, users often buy such as switches for IP phones or wireless LAN. End-Span, while allowing coexistence of Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet, which provides three types of speed 10/100/1000Mbps connection. Lenovo Networks Ethernet switch product line and technical staff, said end-Span in the signal transmission is more quality control. Dell Inspiron 8500 Battery,

With the appropriate data network, 802nd 3AF multipoint technology also supports the energy equipment, network administrators need only the core of the network device can be equipped with a UPS that offer a variety of different devices within a local network to power backup, and 802nd AF-3 technology also offers Web-based remote access control and SNMP management. This power supply in addition to the convenience of the application, but also solve the electricity after power is comparable with the past, IP phones, wireless LAN does not work.

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