A super-telephoto zoom lens

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A super-telephoto zoom lens, optical stabilization lens is ideal for wildlife photography.

This ultra-telephoto zoom lens, Hp laptop battery 6.95 million pounds silent ultrasonic focusing motor and sportCanon A495Optical stability of the cost of the lens.

This optical zoom range will generally attract budding wildlife photographers, the extra point did not meet the manufacturer's cost, its own product, or prime lens inconvenience.HP HSTNN-UB02 Battery, HP DP390A Battery, HP PP2100 Battery, HP Presario R3000 Battery Photographers in the camera view may also be tempted by the Sigma Corporation 120 - 400mm of products, which cost about £ 100 less, but in the end of the short length of 100 mm. These serious about 500mm focal length may also be interested in Sigma's 500 mm telephoto lens Online Photo Album Prime Minister, but £ 3850 it represents a huge price increase.

Dragon also provides a zoom lens, covering this range. They cost around £ 200 500 mm f/5-6.3 865, also does not have optical stabilization, or silent focus motor.

When the name of the only super telephoto zoom lens products is their 80 - 400mm of f/4.5-5.6, cost 5.7 million pounds isCanon Digital CameraProducts, the smallest and lightest camera, but no optical stabilization, or silent focus motor.

Not one of the major camera manufacturers to zoom now covers the focal length of 500mm. Canon's popular 100 400mm lens f/4-5.6L IS USM is Canon to the optic nerve recently. It costs about £ 1,270 and have the image stabilizer and ultrasonic focus motor. Canon 500 mm f/4L IS USM lens is a very, very serious place, the same price of about £ 5,550 serious.

Nikon lenses are the closest matches the zoom to 400mm. Their 80 - 400mm lens cost around £ 1,168,HP HSTNN-UB02 Battery, reducing vibration, but not silent focus motor. Also zoom in this range is a completely different price bracket. Its 200 400 mm 2 / 4 has vibration, silent focus and cost around £ 4,660. To compare the interest, Nikon 500 mm 2 / 4 around £ 5,740 cost of the Prime Minister telephoto lens.

Pentax does not currently provide any lens close to 500 mm, the currentCasio Digital CameraIs using his lens up to 300mm 2 / 4, so this may be particularly interested in the Pentax lens users.

Sony 70 - 400mm of f/4-5.6G SSM lens cost around £ 1,300, there is a silent focus motor, but not likely, because all of Sony institutions optical stabilization systems as standard stability. Sony 500mm only the first 500 mm is now available f / 8 reflex lens aperture, the cost of around £ 534 and a high degree of light weight, compact design as catadioptric. Users consider this lens this lens may be eccentric with a caution, such as donut-shaped highlights out, together with the f / 8, may limit the light is not at its best.

Sigma 150 - 500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS of high-speed cutting: process and function

Although this lens is not one of Sigma's EX series,Canon SLR camerasDoes not seem to cut any corners with the construction quality. Most of the lens barrel is powder coated to complete one by one, Matt, it looks very smart when new, but it seems rare, marked the scene more easily than some other end.

It has its fair to the weight. Weighing 1780 g, and many who have not used a large ultra-telephoto this way may find hand-held long fatigue. A rugged, HP DP390A Battery, removable tripod collar is equipped with a camera, it finger control on the base, to help and easy to carry around time.

Scaling mechanism just enough to prevent zoom creep when the lens down. HP HSTNN-UB02 Battery, HP DP390A Battery, HP PP2100 Battery, HP Presario R3000 Battery A zoom lock switch is provided to hold 150 mm lens, to prevent the extension of transportation, or when you are from a package or case, it's the lens.

The focus of this lens is closest to the camera body control. AsCanon IXUS105Sigma AF lens hypersonic motor to adjust at any time, without having to switch to manual focus lenses. Lens 86 mm filter, it is a strange addition to the size, can filter costs, such as polarisers fortune. A deep circular lens cover and liner to provide the standard case.

Sigma 150 - 500mm of f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM: Performance

This review, the lens is a test to 12MP Nikon D700 to use Imatest.

150 mm, the lens performance is impressive. The framework of the sharpness is very good at all aperture. Peak performance in the focal length is f/11, but both here and in maximum aperture for sharpness differences are very minor.

Since the lens magnification, the resolution began to decline a bit.HP PP2100 Battery, 200 mmCanon ixus130The middle solution is still good, but the quality has dropped close to the edge, but it is still acceptable performance. As the focal length lens stopped at the edge of the framework to improve the quality, close to a good start from the f/11 resolution level.

Finally, 500 mm, the resolution of the lens decreased, but the result is acceptable to the maximum aperture.

Resolution in the 150 mm

150 mm and 250 mm of color, is at an acceptable level, Imatest records covering more than half the color stripe pixel width of 150 mm. This level should not cause the normal shooting conditions, many of the problems. However, when the lens zoom to 500 mm, the increase in the level of color aberration, will be evident in high contrast situations, may need to revised the level of image editing software.

Color in the 150 mm

For such a mild maximum aperture lens, the angle of light attenuation level is a bit disappointing.Canon IXUS210150 mm and F / 5 of the dark corners of the station was 1.6 vignetting the image center, which is almost constant level throughout the zoom range. In order to achieve uniform illumination, the lens to stop down to f/11.

150 mm, very good distortion control.HP HSTNN-UB02 Battery, HP DP390A Battery, HP PP2100 Battery, HP Presario R3000 Battery Imatest recorded only 0.536%, pincushion distortion, which is almost obvious in most applications. 500 mm pincushion distortion levels increase 1.05%, although this may be it is a more compelling level, should not pose too much of a photography problem is that most users would do the scene.

Intensity point source, will not cause the image more than Halo,HP Presario R3000 Battery but I did not notice the result of light captured in a relative loss, especially in the 500mm end. Lens Hood provided by external light shielding done great work from the front element to reduce the effect of external light source frame images taken on the shot.

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